What is PC Richards return policy?

What is PC Richards return policy?
Return merchandise to store within 30 days of purchase with original sales receipt. Merchandise must be in new condition, in original carton with UPC code and all packaging, accessories & manuals.

Likewise, does PC Richards haul away old appliances?

P.C. Richard & Son offers a recycling program in the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania for customers purchasing a replacement appliance from P.C. Richard & Son.

Also, what is Target’s return policy? Target‘s return policy covers most unopened items for 90 days. “Most unopened items sold by Target in new condition and returned within 90 days will receive a refund or exchange,” the retail chain’s website reads.

Also to know, does PC Richards match prices?

The Low Price Guarantee Policy: “If within 30 days of the date of your purchase from P.C. Richard & Son, you find a lower advertised price for the “identical”, brand new, “in stock” item, at a “Local Brick and Mortar” or “Authorized Online” retail competitor, P.C. Richard & Son will mail you a check for 100% of the

Does PC Richards install appliances?

Appliance Installation Professional appliance installations are available in the NY, NJ, PA and CT areas through P.C. Richard & Son.

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Do you tip PC Richard delivery?

Appliance delivery guy Whether it’s a new washer/dryer, dishwasher, air conditioning unit, or fridge — if some poor dude or dudes have to lug an enormous, heavy box up some stairs and into your place, you need to tip them. Even if you don’t have to climb steps up to your place, carrying things is difficult work.

Does PC Richards sell refurbished items?

We do not sell refurbished or used merchandise.

Does PC Richard install TV?

TV Installation Professional TV installations are available in the NY, NJ, PA and CT areas through P.C. Richard & Son.

Does PC Richards install car stereos?

Whether it’s a new car audio system, security system or other automotive accessories, P.C. Richard’s highly trained installation professionals will install it on premises, while you wait! From simple car stereo upgrades to full blown audio and security alarm systems, we have you covered.

Who is the president of PC Richards?

Gregg Richard, Gary’s son, was named president of our company in 2004 and CEO in 2012.

How do I pay my PC Richards credit card?

Pay Online: Visit the Synchrony Financial website to manage your account and make payments online. Pay In-Store: Bring your P.C. Richard & Son Credit Card statement into a P.C. Richard & Son location and pay your bill by cash or check. Pay by Mail: Mail payments to the address below.

Does Best Buy price match?

We match BestBuy.com prices on in-store purchases and in-store prices on BestBuy.com purchases. Our Price Match Guarantee covers new items (excludes clearance and open-box items). One price match per identical item, per customer, at the current pre-tax price available to all customers is allowed.

Will Home Depot price match?

Here’s how the Home Depot Price Match (known as the “Low Price Guarantee”) works: At the time of purchase, if you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any local retailer, Home Depot will match the price and beat it by 10% at the point-of-sale.

Can you return something without original packaging?

That means you can‘t do it if they’ve tried it on and sent it straight back, but if they’ve sent it back without its tags, or returned a model without its box, then value has clearly been reduced. It also has to state in your terms and conditions that returns may be charged if the value of the item has been reduced.

Can I return opened products to target?

For the most part, yes you can return opened items to Target. As long as the product is within the 90 days and eligible for a return, Target will give you an exchange or refund.

What happens to clothes you return?

When you return clothes, the manufacturers don’t just dust them off and put them back up for sale, in far too many cases apparel returns find their way to landfills. Imagine how this returns number will grow once it becomes 20%, 30% and higher as more and more consumers get comfortable shopping for clothes online.

Can you return clothes without tags?

Time to return: You can return clothes at any time, with or without the tags. Receipt requirements: None. Even without a receipt, you can still get a refund. If you bought the items online, you can return them to a store, but you can‘t return store items by mail.

Can you return a game after it’s been opened?

Music, movies and games cannot be returned once opened — only exchanged. Open music, movies, video games and software cannot be returned but may be exchanged at the store for the same title, or for the same or different gaming platform.

Does Target have a return limit?

A Target employee told Business Insider that stores have a $200 limit on returns made without a receipt. Customers who return items without a receipt receive store credit in lieu of money.

Can you return without a receipt at Target?

Returns and exchanges without a receipt may be limited. Other restrictions may apply. If you‘re not satisfied with any Target Owned Brand item, return it within one year with a receipt for an exchange or a refund. All electronics and entertainment items must be returned within 30 days for a refund or exchange.

Can I return an item to target after 90 days?

Most items that are unopened (and in new condition) can be returned within 90 days for a refund or exchange. Refunds are only offered if the merchandise is accompanied by a receipt. Without it, customers can only exchange the merchandise for an exact exchange or the current selling price.

Can you return something and buy it again?

All you have to do is simply return the original item you purchased and buy it again at the lower price. If they won’t, since the store has a 90-day return policy, you can simply return it and buy the item again at the lower price.

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