How do I pay my RCBC Bankard bill?

How do I pay my RCBC Bankard bill?
For On-Demand, upon enrollment of the subscriber/policyholder accounts and the RCBC Bankard account/s, the principal Cardholder or his supplementary/extension Cardholder/s may simply call RCBC Bankard Customer Service anytime at 888-1-888 to pay for their enrolled subscriber/policyholder accounts.

Similarly, how can I pay my RCBC credit card?

Pay via the ATMs of participating BancNet and Megalink member banks. Settle your card bills in cash or check at any branch of RCBC, BDO, Eastwest Bank, SM Bills Payment Counters and all Bayad Centers. Dollar payments for dollar cards are accepted at all branches of RCBC and BDO.

Furthermore, how can I use my credit card to pay my electric bill? How to pay for bills through a bills payment app:

  1. Install the app.
  2. Register in the app.
  3. Enter your bill details (biller name, amount to pay, etc.)
  4. Choose Credit Card as your payment option.
  5. Enter your card details (cardholder name, card number, etc.)
  6. Confirm payment.

One may also ask, how can I pay my RCBC credit card through ATM?

How to Make a Credit Card Payment Through an ATM

  1. Insert your ATM or debit card.
  2. Key in your PIN.
  3. Choose Bills Payment > Credit Cards.
  4. Choose your issuing bank.
  5. Enter your account number.
  6. Choose between Savings Account and Current Account.
  7. Enter the amount to pay and confirm it.
  8. Wait for your transaction slip.

How can I check my RCBC Bankard credit limit?

RCBC Bankard. Check your available limit, outstanding balance, and latest payments details via SMS! Text RCBCBANKARDBALFirst 4 and Last 4 Digits of your card then send to 09191600402. PRO TIP: Save this number for convenience!

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How can I waive RCBC Bankard annual fee?

Select, pre-qualified RCBC Bankard cardholders must meet the required spend to qualify for the reversal of annual membership fee campaign. To qualify, select RCBC Bankard Classic, Gold and Co Brand cardholders must spend a minimum of Php 5,000 during the promo period to waive their one-year annual membership fee.

What is multiple payment fee?

Payment Processing/Multiple Payment Fee – The amount charged for each payment made more than the maximum number of times allowed per month (usually 3 to 4 times per month). This usually applies to payments made in all payment centers, except the credit card issuers’ branches, ATMs, online and phone banking.

How do you withdraw cash from a credit card?

Withdraw money from an ATM where your credit card is accepted. Select “credit” when prompted to make a withdrawal from checking, savings or credit. Go to a bank to withdraw money against the limit on your credit card. Check that the bank offers advances from your credit card issuer, such as Mastercard or Visa.

How can I register my RCBC credit card online?

How do I enroll in the RCBC Online Banking?

  1. Go to and click RCBC Online Banking.
  2. Click Enroll Now in the login page.
  3. Read and Accept RCBC Online Banking Terms and Conditions.
  4. Select your Bank (RCBC).
  5. Select type of account to be enrolled.
  6. Input Card Number and PIN or Account Number.

What is credit card billing date?

The billing date or statement date is the date on which the statement is generated every month. It typically is the last day of the billing cycle for a given month. Any transaction conducted on the card post the billing date will reflect in your next billing statement.

Can I use my RCBC credit card abroad?

Your RCBC Bankard is accepted worldwide and provides you with outstanding privileges. Truly, it’s your Best Travel Companion. Simply charge all your travel-related needs to your RCBC Bankard and load up on these exciting travel perks and benefits. Convert all your RCBC Bankard purchases abroad to installment!

How can I pay my RCBC credit card online?

Payment method: RCBC Online

  1. Visit
  2. In RCBC Online Services Login choose AccessOne and press Go.
  3. Log in using your Username and Password.
  4. Click on One Time Payment in left hand side menu.
  5. Pick the “Others” in Biller category.
  6. Choose “HC Consumer Finance Philippines Inc.”

What bills can be paid with a credit card?

Let’s look at which types of bills make the most sense to pay by credit card.

  • Mortgage.
  • Rent.
  • Car payment.
  • Car and home insurance.
  • Health insurance.
  • Taxes.
  • Utilities, cellphone, internet, cable.
  • Subscription services.

How do you pay your credit card bill?

To pay your credit card bill, you can either set up autopay or send in a check to your card issuer. With autopay, you set up online payments from your checking account or savings account so that your bill will automatically get paid on the due date each month.

How can I pay my credit card bill online?

5 Steps to Pay Online With a Credit Card

  1. Enter Your Shipping Address.
  2. Choose “Credit Card” as Your Payment Method.
  3. Enter Your Info as It Appears on Your Credit Card.
  4. Enter the Billing Address for Your Credit Card.
  5. Verify Your Information.

How long does it take a credit card payment to clear?

Credit and debit card payments usually clear in 1 business day. If your payer submitted a payment using their bank account, the payment will process 1-5 business days after the payer confirms their bank account.

Does Bayad Center accept credit card payments?

Payment Modes Accepted All Bayad Center offices accept cash payments. Some branches also allow payments via check or credit card.

How do I activate my RCBC card?

To activate the card, you need to insert the card in any RCBC/RCBC Savings Bank ATM and enter the default 6-digit PIN provided. We encourage you to immediately change the default PIN at the ATM terminal of your branch of account so you can use your RCBC EMV Debit/Cash Card right away.

How can I increase my RCBC credit card limit?

Should you wish to have your credit limit increased, you may call RCBC Bankard through their Customer Service at (02) 888-1888 or email at [email protected]

Can I pay RCBC thru GCash?

Mobile Facilities and Online Banking Partners With GCash, you never have to worry about urgent money matters. You can send money to your loved ones or make transactions with other users through these mobile facilities and online banking partners: RCBC to GCash. Mastercard/Visa Debit to GCash.

How do you use a credit card?

Using credit cards strategically

  1. Make your payments on time. Your payment history is one of the major factors that influences your credit.
  2. Pay your credit card bill in full and on time each month.
  3. Buy only what you can afford to pay for with cash.
  4. Stay well below your credit limit.

Can you pay utilities with a credit card?

Yes, most electric, gas, water and trash removal companies allow customers to pay by credit card. Some charge a small convenience fee for this option, while others don’t. Paying your utility bill with a credit card could be a smart option if you carry a rewards credit card.

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