How do I check my guess points?

How do I check my guess points?
A: If you have registered your GUESS List card online, you can review your Point and Award balances in your “My Account” on You may retrieve account information at any time in store or by calling Customer Care at 1-877-44-GUESS (48377).

Also question is, how do I redeem my guess Awards?

For online purchases, log in to your account and add rewards on the Payment Page below Credit Card Information. Enter the exact amount you would like to redeem and select “Apply Awards”. Your GUESS List card must be registered online to redeem Rewards on your online purchases.

Also, how do I use my guess merchandise return card online? HOW TO REDEEM YOUR CARD ONLINE

  1. Shop at and then proceed to checkout.
  2. On the bottom right corner of the payment page, enter your 16-digit card number and 8-digit PIN.
  3. Choose “APPLY GIFT CARD”.
  4. If you wish to use more than one gift card, repeat steps 2 & 3.

In this manner, does guess have an app?

The GUESS mobile app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play via any iPhone or Android-based mobile device.

Can you use Guess gift card online?

Classic Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards can be redeemed at any GUESS, Marciano, G by GUESS or GUESS Factory branded retail stores or online stores in the United States and Canada.

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Do guess points expire?

Your Points expire 6 months from your last purchase and will fall off your account balance. Points expire 6 months from your last purchase. To inquire about Point expiration dates, complete the Customer Care form online or contact Customer Care at 1-877-44-GUESS (48377).

How do I contact guess?

CONTACT US BY PHONE: Toll Free: 1-877-44-GUESS (1-877-444-8377).

How do I check the balance on my guess gift card?

Guess Gift Card Balance

  1. Check Balance.
  2. Call 1-888-891-2432.
  3. Shop at Guess.

Does Guess store have a credit card?

GUESS Factory Online accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, PAYPAL and GUESS GIFT CARDS. Please note that PayPal and GUESS Gift Cards cannot be combined at this time. With credit card orders, we will not bill your card until we ship your order.

What is Guess return policy?

We gladly accept the return or exchange of unworn, unwashed or defective GUESS, GUESS kids, GUESS Factory and G by GUESS merchandise for up to 30 days after the shipment date and Marciano merchandise for up to 14 days after the shipment date.

What’s the difference between Guess and G by Guess?

According to the company’s press materials, “G by Guess was created for young, hip and trendy men and women with an eye for the freshest looks and hottest styles.” Like its older sibling, G by Guess offers a collection of men’s and women’s apparel, denim apparel, shoes and accessories, including jewelry, watches and

What is a merchandise card?

Merchandise credit is similar to a gift card but is issued in the amount of the returned item. The Merchandise credit can be used same as cash to purchase merchandise from same issuing retailer. This practice guarantees that the previous profit is secured, or prevents loss (shrink) due to theft.

Can I return guess to G by Guess?

We gladly accept the return or exchange of unworn, unwashed or defective GUESS, GUESS kids, GUESS Factory and G by GUESS merchandise for up to 30 days after the shipment date and Marciano merchandise for up to 14 days after the shipment date.

How long do eGift cards take?

Unless a future delivery date is scheduled, on average, merchant eGift card and Virtual Account orders will be delivered within 2 hours, but may take up to 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Can I buy a Sephora gift card online?

Sephora eGift Card Card is redeemable for merchandise sold at Sephora stores, on online, or at Sephora inside JCPenney stores. Redeemable only for merchandise sold at Sephora locations in the U.S. and Canada, at, on our mobile app and at Sephora inside JCPenney stores.

Can you steal gift cards?

Gift cards have no value until activated, so they aren’t usually under lock and key at the store. This makes them very easy to steal. Thieves steal the worthless gift cards, record card numbers and PINs, and then return the cards to the shelves at the store.

Can gift cards be traced?

Gift cards are difficult to trace. Gagliardi said that it’s complicated to track each gift card purchased with each credit card. That makes it that much more important that credit card holders keep careful track of their card statements and any unusual purchases.

Can gift cards be hacked?

One of the most common forms of gift card fraud involves thieves tampering with cards inside the retailer’s store — before the cards are purchased by legitimate customers. Using a handheld card reader, crooks will swipe the stripe to record the card’s serial number and other data needed to duplicate the card.

Are gift cards activated at self checkout?

Selfcheckout kiosks have become increasingly popular in retail and grocery stores and are a convenient option when you’re making a small purchase. Some stores allow gift cards to be purchased at selfcheckout, and they automatically activate once your payment has been processed and your transaction is complete.

Can you activate a gift card without paying?

Many gift cards are activated when they’re purchased, so they don’t need to be activated by the recipient. However, some do need to be activated by the recipient before they can be used. You can activate a gift card by calling the merchant or accessing the provided URL and inputting the correct activation numbers.

What stores buy gift cards for cash?

Do you have a wallet full of gift cards that you never plan on using? Don’t let them sit there gathering dust. Come by your local Check Into Cash store today and sell your unwanted plastic for cash!

Sell Us Your Gift Cards

  • Walmart.
  • Target.
  • The Home Depot.
  • Starbucks.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • And hundreds of others.

How are gift cards activated?

But it’s really simple. When you buy a gift card at the store (whether it is a retailer, restaurant, Visa or Mastercard gift card), you take the gift card to the cash register and ask the cashier to load money onto the card. The cashier takes the card, activates it and loads the dollar amount requested onto the card.

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